Our Savoir-Faire Symbol

☆ on Guide Hachette 2022 et 2023

Coming from a harmonic mix of our different grapes, it combines the stability and vivacity of Muscadet.

A delightful match for any occasion, with a high recommandation for seafood.

Appellation : Muscadet Sèvre et Maine
Location : 30ha around la Haie Fouassière
Geology : Light soil with tiny rocks. Gneiss and Amphibolites
Wine : 100% Melon de Bourgogne & Muscadet
Process : Slow pressuring, racking, temperatures control
Growing : Fine sediments, 6 months
Bottling : homemade, in April after harvest
Conditioning : 75 cl bottle. 6 or 12 bottles packs
Market lunch : in June after harvest

Enjoy the wine at 11°C (not iced) in the next 5 years after the harvest